Armistice: A Surprise

I’m happy to announce that Armistice is pretty much here. Well, almost here. I thought it would happen this weekend but Monday is D-Day. Then it’ll be available on Amazon for $3.99. This morning the book went out to Kōsa Press subscribers.

As a way of showing my appreciation to you, my readers, might I suggest that you don’t buy it at Amazon on Monday? Instead, if I were you, I would click on this link and subscribe to the Kōsa Press newsletter. If you do that, you may or may not receive a free copy of Armistice  (I say may, but I think you know what I mean).

And for those who are new here, ARMISTICE collects tales of a time millions of years ago on far off worlds, a time when the inlaris’ home planet still existed; stories about intergalactic space travel and tragedy wrought by a global war that tore Earth asunder; we have narratives of hope and love, and yes, we take you to the wastelands of North America, where… Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out. But mostly these stories involve Earth: exploring first contact, the golden era of alien collaboration, the Great War, and the interspecies conflicts that still rattle the world.

So, I hope you do enjoy this collection. I feel really good about it. I have six stories in there that I’m immensely proud of. I even flexed my voice a bit and experimented with a story called, “The Carrion Hunter.” I also explored New Zealand’s own Māori folklore in “The Koru.” In “The Berserker’s Code,” a human soldier finds common ground with one of the bundr-ah aliens, but it’s not what you might think. And in “Charlie Dingo” we learn about the man behind the name.

On top of that, you have talented writers like MJ Kelley, Elaine Chao, and Dana Leipold whose contribution to this anthology only made it better and pushed it way beyond Earth’s atmosphere. I love working with these folks.

And, if you feel inspired to do so, please spread the word. More readers mean more words from me and faster, and that means we all win.





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