Armistice: A Surprise

I'm happy to announce that Armistice is pretty much here. Well, almost here. I thought it would happen this weekend but Monday is D-Day. Then it'll be available on Amazon for $3.99. This morning the book went out to Kōsa Press subscribers. As a way of showing my appreciation to you, my readers, might I … Continue reading Armistice: A Surprise

#Art of Fantasy 77: Ariel Perez

Ariel Perez hails from Israel and works as a freelance concept artist and illustrator and has fantasized about fantasy and science fiction stories for most of his life. Documenting these stories through the visual medium of drawing was the only way he knew how to express and make real the concepts he saw in his mind. … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 77: Ariel Perez

Some Awesome News And A Chance To Win Something

We're sending out press releases this week to news agencies announcing the release of Interspecies. I'm reproducing some of the words here and for good reason. You'll find that we enjoyed the good fortune of having Piers Anthony review our anthology: These are generally hard-hitting stories about a grim future world…. I found the exploration … Continue reading Some Awesome News And A Chance To Win Something