#Art of Fantasy 99 (Legends): Manuel Sanjulian

Born in 1941 in Barcelona, Manuel Sanjulián started his career illustrating comics for Josep Toutain's art agency Selecciones Ilustrades. During the 1970s Sanjulián illustrated a couple of movie adaptations and a comic serial in Cimoc magazine. His work began to capture the right people's attention and he flourished in the British market, later working for publishers … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 99 (Legends): Manuel Sanjulian

Help Me Unleash My Stories

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgclvkTv4Ps I've done a strange thing. I've been thinking for a while now of getting my own Patreon page, so two days ago I began compiling one, writing soberly about my intentions with the page, about my lack of time due to factors most of us struggle with, and my aim to complete all my … Continue reading Help Me Unleash My Stories

Goodbye 2015, Come here 2016!

I'm looking over my shoulder at 2015 and I'm shaking my head in bemusement. Damn, it was a difficult year. It promised a lot of things but either failed to deliver or under delivered. But there were surprises too. And new promises. Lots of new promises. Kōsa Press brought out its first anthology These Broken Worlds … Continue reading Goodbye 2015, Come here 2016!

Dwarves, Dragons, Wizards and Elves: Thinking About the Standard Fantasy Setting

I found this article useful. It makes you think about how we view recurring characters in fantasy, the giant impact Tolkien had on this genre, and how we should use more creative freedom in generating our stories. There are no limits on how high our imaginations can soar. There are no limits on worldbuilding, on … Continue reading Dwarves, Dragons, Wizards and Elves: Thinking About the Standard Fantasy Setting

R.A. Salvatore and Why He Loves Writing

Every now and then I find an article or a video clip or something else that inspires me creatively, specifically when it comes to writing. It’s fascinating to read about authors and how they started in this profession, how they write, what emotional challenges they conquered, etc. I soak in this information, hoping that something would … Continue reading R.A. Salvatore and Why He Loves Writing

David Farland On Editing Your Novel

I get David Farland's Daily Kick in the Pants newsletter and it's always brimming with insightful and helpful tips on all facets of the writing life. You may recall a while back I blogged about David's son, Ben Wolverton, who suffered severe brain trauma in a tragic long-boarding accident. It's been over sixty days since the … Continue reading David Farland On Editing Your Novel