#Art of Fantasy 76: Grant Griffin

Austin-based freelancer, Grant Griffin is an artist who specializes in fantasy and science fiction illustration for the gaming industry. He has a fat client list that includes companies like Games Workshop, Privateer Press, DeNA, Centipede Press, Dire Wolf Digital, and Mantic Games. Grant is considered a specialist and for good reason as you'll soon find … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 76: Grant Griffin

#Art of Fantasy 69: Lucas Graciano

Today there be dragons-a-plenty. Lucas Graciano is a multi-award winning artist from Oceanside in the US. He started in the video game industry as a visual development artist and developed over time into an accomplished illustrator. As a freelance artist, he focusses primarily on fantasy illustration and book covers, card art, and other promotional works for … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 69: Lucas Graciano

#Art of Fantasy 53: Bayard Wu

Bayard Wu is a professional illustrator and concept artist from China and he impresses the hell out of me. In fact, he just jumped to my top ten list of awesome artists I wouldn't mind working with, and you can see why. Vivid colors, sharp composition, smooth textures, and amazing detail all contribute to what … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 53: Bayard Wu

#Art of Fantasy 45: Joel Lagerwall

I'm slightly late this week, but I do have another gem for you. Believe it or not, but today's artist is self-taught and has only been painting for three years. You wouldn't say that if you look at his awesome portfolio. No wonder Joel Lagerwall, who is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Sweden, can … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 45: Joel Lagerwall

#Art of Fantasy 6: Adrian Smith

I do not know much about Adrian Smith. I only recently discovered his work after realizing that I've been seeing his art for a number of years without knowing that it was his. It's a mistake I have now remedied. His style is raw and savage and given that he has done numerous illustrations for Games Workshop, it is … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 6: Adrian Smith

#Art of Fantasy 5: Paul Bonner

I don't recall precisely when I discovered Paul Bonner's work, only that it fascinated me enough that I bought his art book, Out of the Forests: The Art of Paul Bonner. It stands proudly next to my Frazetta books. Bonner is a fantasy artist who has created art for over twenty years, most notably for gaming companies. … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 5: Paul Bonner