#Art of Fantasy 51: Bluefooted (Erin Kelso)

American artist Erin Kelso, aka Bluefooted, calls herself a poor student and non-professional artist on her Deviant Art profile. And yet, while researching this wonderfully mysterious artist, I found mentioned in two other articles that she has a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and a Master's in Zoology. I get the feeling she is one of those … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 51: Bluefooted (Erin Kelso)

#Art of Fantasy 39: Laurel D. Austin

Laurel Austin grew up in small-town Canada. She was apparently thrown out of Canada for being insufficiently enthusiastic about hockey, but they were very polite about the whole thing. Laurel began her professional career at Splash Damage in London, UK, where she designed the characters for the FPS game BRINK. This work drew from her unshakable conviction … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 39: Laurel D. Austin

#Art of Fantasy 38: Tianhua Xu

Tianhua Xu is a Chinese freelance artist and art director at Chiyan Workshop in Beijing. The collection here presents a mixture of Chinese lore, games and fantasy art. I love the smooth and fine textures used in each painting. It gives an organic feel to the work. Even tree bark and splintered beams seem fluid. … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 38: Tianhua Xu

#Art of Fantasy 30: Ruan Jia

Ruan Jia is of Chinese origin and lives in the Unites States where he works as a senior concept artist for 343 Industries, creating sci-fi concepts for Halo 5. Before that, he worked for game companies like ArenaNet and Volta. I love Ruan's use of color and light. It exudes a pureness that is almost too good, … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 30: Ruan Jia

#Art of Fantasy 28: Xiaodi Jin

Xiaodi Jin is a freelance concept artist from China. His work is dark and fantastic and thus an appropriate addition to the #Art of Fantasy series. I tried to find more information about the artist but to no avail. It's a pity because Xiaodi's paintings are phenomenal. His mood and tone remind me of Justin … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 28: Xiaodi Jin

#Art of Fantasy 21: Armandeo

Armandeo is a Russian artist. His real name is Dmitry Khrapovitsky and because I can't read Russian I have to take a guess here, but from his gallery it's clear he is both an illustrator and concept artist. I had him on my favorites list on Deviant Art for a while now. Why do I like his … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 21: Armandeo