#Art of Fantasy 21: Armandeo

magic_book_by_armandeo64-d4shuzcArmandeo is a Russian artist. His real name is Dmitry Khrapovitsky and because I can’t read Russian I have to take a guess here, but from his gallery it’s clear he is both an illustrator and concept artist. I had him on my favorites list on Deviant Art for a while now.

Why do I like his style? Simply put: I love the detail captured in his paintings and illustrations. Sure his proportions are exaggerated, but adding detail makes them come alive with magic and awesomeness. It is a real pleasure just gazing at these images, allowing your eyes to linger on all the intricate parts that make up each painting. Armandeo is highly skilled at creating textures and embellishments that are so important when it comes to fantasy art.

As always, below are choice pieces linked to the pages where I found them. Enjoy!










I’ve enjoyed these #Art of Fantasy posts tremendously. Not only have I rediscovered old favorites, but I’m also finding new talent that is reawakening memories and feelings from my youth, if that makes any kind of sense.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and here’s to bringing you many more.


4 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 21: Armandeo

  1. Never seen this artist before, but he sure is awsome. I like his choice of subjects. You’d say they are the usual ones, and still htere is something unusual in the way he portrays them.
    Can’t put my finger on what is so unusual though…


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