Patreon: Support Jessica West creating Fiction

patreon_banner_11-e1412009799957I am proud to report that my friend and fellow author (and editor), Jessica West is live on Patreon. So, if you like flash fiction and short stories, click over there to find out how you can support Jessica’s art and what you’ll get in exchange for offering your support.

Patreon was created to enable fans to support and engage with the artists and creators they love. “Empowering a new generation of creators, Patreon is bringing patronage back to the 21st century“.

Of course, patronage is not a new thing. It began in the ancient world and played an important role in preserving art and art history. You will find evidence of patronage in both later Europe and feudal Japan.  It is not a surprise that it should appear online revitalised and ready for the digital age.

I have long considered creating a profile on Patreon, but I wasn’t sure how I would approach it or what I would offer patrons who wanted to support my art.  I’m still thinking. Maybe a serial of “The Dead God”?


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