An Interview with Haiku Fiction Author Donald Uitvlugt

With the Covid-19 virus keeping a stranglehold on households all over the world, many of us find ourselves in the position where we have to work from home. Some of us have had our income cut off. Some, temporarily until the lockdown lifts. Others, permanently. The author I’m introducing today lost his job because of … Continue reading An Interview with Haiku Fiction Author Donald Uitvlugt

On My Nightstand

In the spirit of blogging more often I'm sharing a snapshot of my nightstand as it looks now. I'm way behind on my reading. I'm not even going to mention what's waiting for me on my kindle. I allow the books to pile up as a reminder that I have things to read. I love reading … Continue reading On My Nightstand

Who was Sir Julius Vogel?

A couple of months ago I mentioned that my three stories in These Broken Worlds received a nomination for a Sir Julius Vogel Award. For those who don't know, The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are held each year at the New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention to celebrate and recognize achievement in New Zealand science fiction, fantasy, horror, and science fiction fandom. Alas, I never … Continue reading Who was Sir Julius Vogel?

A New Tower of Books

This is my new Tower of Books for the next month or so. I'm getting slow and soft. I had a similar heap previously for two months and only read two books. This time I'm doing much better. I have already finished Traitor's Blade by Sebastien de Castell and loved it. Think The Three Musketeers during the … Continue reading A New Tower of Books

Old Memories Revisited

So after unpacking almost 30 boxes of books and magazines last weekend and rediscovering old memories--including a perfectly decent-looking set of Popular Mechanics' Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia printed in 1968 that belonged to my dad--and their counterpart emotions, I've now compiled 8 small heaps I'll be rereading in the coming weeks. Which also means I won't be throwing them away … Continue reading Old Memories Revisited

The Collective: Wifelier Docht

Today I want to introduce you to my alter ego, Wifelier Docht, over at The Collective. Last week I mentioned The Collective and my involvement in the  project. I briefly explained the premise, including  the concept of tethered slave-scribes recording history for a celestial entity known only as the God-Machine. The series is based on a … Continue reading The Collective: Wifelier Docht