#Art of Fantasy 65: Marc Simonetti

Today's artist hails from Annecy in France and he is brilliant. Marc Simonetti is a freelance illustrator and concept artist and is best known for his work on G.R.R. Martin's "A song of Ice and Fire," and his "Iron Throne" concept design inspired by the description in the book. I'm told Marc strictly adhered to … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 65: Marc Simonetti

#Art of Fantasy 35: Svetoslav Petrov

We are going slightly dark again this week in terms of style and tone. Svetoslav Petrov is a concept artist and illustrator and hails from Bulgaria. If his style seems familiar it's because he worked on Pathfinder's Advanced Bestiary, and he has done projects for companies like Gameloft and Miramar Film. Petrov currently weaves his magic for Snapshot … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 35: Svetoslav Petrov

#Art of Fantasy Special Edition: Game of Thrones

#Art of Fantasy celebrates the start of the fifth season of A Game of Thrones, which premieres tomorrow here in New Zealand. We will see it at the same time it screens in the U.S., which means the season premiere, for us, takes place in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. I've already set it … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy Special Edition: Game of Thrones

#Wallpaper Wednesday: A Game of Thrones

Ah, yes. I did not think I'd have another one so soon, but here we go. Staying with A Game of Thrones theme, this one is a bit extreme considering the intense use of color, but interesting nonetheless, and it looks great on a 27" iMac screen. Trust me. And here is the link to … Continue reading #Wallpaper Wednesday: A Game of Thrones

#Art of Fantasy 12: Justin Sweet

I discovered Justin Sweet's work by accident a couple of years ago. I don't remember how it happened, what site I browsed or which piece specifically enamored me--it happened too long ago--but I am a dear fan. Somehow the darkness in his paintings attracted me, still do, actually, but for me it is a mixture of sorrow … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 12: Justin Sweet

#Wallpaper Wednesday: The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros

Upon reflection I've decided that "#Wallpaper Wednesday" will not happen every week, but when it does happen it'll be on a Wednesday. Today's wallpaper is a grungy map titled, The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, in honour of the looming fifth season of A Game of Thrones, which will broadcast worldwide early next month. The artist calls himself AKA … Continue reading #Wallpaper Wednesday: The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros