#Art of Fantasy Special Edition: Game of Thrones

game_of_thrones_poster_by_norbface-d7cw0ud#Art of Fantasy celebrates the start of the fifth season of A Game of Thrones, which premieres tomorrow here in New Zealand. We will see it at the same time it screens in the U.S., which means the season premiere, for us, takes place in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. I’ve already set it to record and there is a repeat later that night.

Yes, I’m looking forward to this season. I’ve been following it from the start and my wife and I really enjoy it. I haven’t read the books. I wanted to, but I later decided to wait until the end of the TV series and then tackle the books. In my experience it is always better to watch the film version first before reading the book (should you ever find yourself in a situation where such a decision needs to be made). Doing it the other way around always spoils the movie. Well, in my experience, anyway.

As is the norm with #Art of Fantasy posts, I curated a collection of images from around the internet. I’ve linked as far as I could to the artist responsible for each art piece. Where I was unable to find the artist, I linked to the website where I discovered the image.

There are a lot of Game of Thrones art out there. It was not easy to choose. If I hadn’t limited myself I would’ve had twenty pictures on here.












Enjoy the fifth season of A Game of Thrones!


2 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy Special Edition: Game of Thrones

  1. Fascinating pictures!

    You know? I haven’t watched Game of Thrones and I don’t intend to. I did read the first book when it came out and it was fun, but I didn’t like it so much to go on reading the rest of the series.
    I suppose I like a different kind of fantasy. This (well, the first book, I mean) felt very manneristic. There were fantastic ideas (the wall of ice, for example, was one of my favourite ones), but a lot of what was in the book sounded like a Medieval world written by a Romantic.
    Not my bag, I suppose 😉
    I’m also not very fond of Martin’s style, which is too much longwinded for my likings.

    But when you read the books, I’d like to hear your impression 🙂


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