The Mercy Giver: An Experiment

A man is on his way to Mexico to lay low for a while. He is hunted by the authorities. He has a particularly skewed take on life. While hiding in some dusty small border town he meets a very strange man. Think Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, but for psychopaths. This is a WIP that … Continue reading The Mercy Giver: An Experiment

#Art of Fantasy 12: Justin Sweet

I discovered Justin Sweet's work by accident a couple of years ago. I don't remember how it happened, what site I browsed or which piece specifically enamored me--it happened too long ago--but I am a dear fan. Somehow the darkness in his paintings attracted me, still do, actually, but for me it is a mixture of sorrow … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 12: Justin Sweet

#Writing Adventures: Neil Gaiman On Writing

A little while ago I wrote a post titled, "Stephen King on Writing the First Draft". It was an interesting post to write because it allowed me to compare my own experience with advice from King. Today I have a video from Gaiman where he talks about writing generally, but he also includes a section … Continue reading #Writing Adventures: Neil Gaiman On Writing

#Art of Fantasy 11: Simon Bisley

I first discovered Simon Bisley's work many years ago while reading 2000 AD. He illustrated ABC Warriors and Sláine. He later also did Lobo for DC. Yes, if you think I was and still am crazy about Sláine (the character is roughly based on Irish lore), you would be correct. He also did a variety of other comics … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 11: Simon Bisley

10 Things Not Widely Known About Me

I've been tagged by Jessica West and Tom Knighton to write 7 things about me and/or about my writing and post it on Facebook, which I did. Jessica then thought my revelations entertaining enough to reproduce here. I'm not entirely convinced it's that entertaining, but it's a fun thing to do, plus I get to post an old photo … Continue reading 10 Things Not Widely Known About Me

Young Adult Sci-Fi Event

I have another promo post today. I am told these authors are uber talented and they are selling really well. So, if a lot of people like them, maybe you should check them out. See below for details. Science Fiction is the hottest genre right now. Add in some best selling authors and Young Adult … Continue reading Young Adult Sci-Fi Event