#Writers Beware: Author Solutions and Friends: The Inside Story | David Gaughran

The thing about dreams is that they are precious to those they belong to. As writers we of course love to write, but we also want to make a living from our art. Feed our families. Find a loyal readership to share our words with. Some of us dream of making it big. J.K. Rowling … Continue reading #Writers Beware: Author Solutions and Friends: The Inside Story | David Gaughran

On Writing Workshops

I just completed my third writing workshop. It made me want to share something with you. Before I started this little adventure online, I never socialized or involved myself in a writing community. I never belonged to a writer's group, offline or on. I read books and wrote my stories and admired talented authors from … Continue reading On Writing Workshops

#Art of Fantasy 15: Kerem Beyit

Kerem Beyit is an award-winning artist from Turkey who, like Alex Horley, became interested in art because of the comic books he read. Frazetta and Brom served as his primary inspiration and because he is self-taught, for Kerem, they were also his teachers, guiding him through his own process of maturity. Not unlike a writer reading … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 15: Kerem Beyit

#Art of Fantasy 14: Alex Horley

Alex Horley is an artist, illustrator, painter, comic book artist and concept artist. I found the following from his bio on his website: His real name is Alessandro Orlandelli and he was born in the small town of Opera in the outskirts of Milan Italy.  His love for the fantastic came early while reading his favorite Marvel … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 14: Alex Horley

Beware: Weird Retweets of My Best Reviews

Something weird happened yesterday on Twitter. I woke up to dozens of retweets of my best reviews for Seals of Abgal. At first I got excited, I thought, "Awesome! At last I'm being discovered," but alas, my excitement lasted less than one minute. When I clicked on these retweets to see who my new admirers … Continue reading Beware: Weird Retweets of My Best Reviews

#Art of Fantasy Special Edition: Game of Thrones

#Art of Fantasy celebrates the start of the fifth season of A Game of Thrones, which premieres tomorrow here in New Zealand. We will see it at the same time it screens in the U.S., which means the season premiere, for us, takes place in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. I've already set it … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy Special Edition: Game of Thrones