#Art of Fantasy 15: Kerem Beyit

moon_dragon_by_kerembeyit-d83z2w5Kerem Beyit is an award-winning artist from Turkey who, like Alex Horley, became interested in art because of the comic books he read. Frazetta and Brom served as his primary inspiration and because he is self-taught, for Kerem, they were also his teachers, guiding him through his own process of maturity. Not unlike a writer reading books by authors he or she admires to discover the why and how of their genius.

Several magazines have published Kerem’s work, including Ballistic Publishing’s Expose and Exotique.

As is usual, I’ve chosen some choice examples of this very talented artist’s body of work. If you click on any of the images it will take you to a larger resolution on the artist’s DeviantArt page.








You can see more of this artist’s work on Deviant Art and on his own site.



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