#Art of Fantasy 127: Zezhou Chen

I’m still battling the flu but I’m getting there. Apparently, New Zealand has been hit with a vicious strain and a lot of people, from what I can tell, had to go on another course of antibiotics. I haven’t done so myself yet and don’t think I will. I have done the one course and it will just have to do. Besides, the flu this year is a sneaky thing. It comes in waves and creates the illusion of disappearing, and when you lower your guard it just knocks you on your ass again. I’ll just have to ride it out.

This week’s Art of Fantasy is a mixed bag of fantasy and science fiction but I think you’ll like it. Zezhou Chen is a Freelance illustrator and art teacher from Chengdu in China. He has worked on Magic: The Gathering, Game of Thrones: Ascent, as well a host of other projects including book covers.

Below is a small collection of his work. Enjoy!

You can see more of Zezhou’s  art here. He is always looking for new clients, so if you need a cover artist or illustrator, please get in contact with him here. You can also visit his Patreon here. Please note, I get no referral fee–ever. I don’t make arrangements like that. It’s all about the art and getting more exposure for really talented artists.




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