#Art of Fantasy 126: Choi Yongjae

Life has been stranger than normal. This week we had a meme war between CNN and the rest of the Internet, which is still ongoing, triggered by CNN’s pitiful display of bullishness and complete lack of self-awareness. It resulted in #CNNBlackmail trending on Twitter for a day or so. I’ll be honest, I enjoyed it. I have been critical in the past of CNN’s slanted reporting, and for good reason. But this is not a political blog, though, in fairness, my gripe with CNN is not political. They have a lot of power and they’re abusing it. I relished in them being taken to task for it.

Anyway, this week’s artist is from South Korea. Choi Yongjae, also known as INDUS, is a multi-award winning digital illustrator and concept artist who has been active in the gaming industry for over a decade. He has done work for projects such as Aether Revolt and Amonkhet and is currently freelancing for Wizards of the Coast and Applibot. He also did illustrations for the mobile fantasy trading card games, Legend of the Cryptids and Galaxy Saga, as well as a few others.

Feast your eyes below for a few examples of his extraordinary talent.
 I hope you liked today’s post. If you did, please spread the word and share. If you want to see more of Choi’s work, well, that is easy, just click here.

And that is all from me. I know I have been a bit scarce lately. Apart from work, I’ve been knocked on my butt by a particularly bad case of influenza. I’m still on antibiotics and painkillers as I’m writing this post. And before I forget, Happy Belated Birthday, America & Canada!  And to the rest of the world, enjoy what is left of your weekend and take it easy, if you can.






2 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 126: Choi Yongjae

  1. I really like it. The way the illustrations always focuse on the hunam body is so involving. These are characters who don’t let out much of emotions, and still the way they relate to what is around them somehow create emotions for the watcher.

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