#Art of Fantasy 130: Alex Brock

My artist this week is yet another with a unique style, both in terms of composition and tone. Alex Brock hails from Tucson in the US and works as a freelance artist. His art explores the nature of dreams, imagination, and the personal connection he has with the world. Alex taps into the hidden, surrealistic beauty … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 130: Alex Brock

#Art of Fantasy 129: Pierre Raveneau

French artist, Pierre Raveneau works out of Canada as a Senior Concept Artist for Ubisoft Halifax. Self-taught, Pierre began his career in earnest at Gameloft in Madrid and worked for the company from 2011 to 2016. Apart from a video interview that I found in French, information on the artist is not so readily available, … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 129: Pierre Raveneau

#Art of Fantasy 128: Sam Carr

Apologies for my recent absence. For some reason Winter this year in New Zealand decided it wanted to take revenge on me for all those years I never got sick. I've been in a sorry state for over a month. It started with influenza and ended with a trachea infection. I went through two courses … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 128: Sam Carr