#Art of Fantasy 117: Noah Bradley

I not sure whether my mood influenced my choice of artist for this week. I suspect it may be a contributing factor. The last two weeks have been rough. Really rough. And then two days ago I learned Babylon’s Song has been shortlisted for New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Award. I’m an outsider, a relative newcomer to the SF community here in New Zealand and so I don’t know what to expect at LexiconThere is this tug-of-war in my mind between allowing euphoria to consume me or staying sober and cynical.

While perusing fantasy art for this week I discovered Noah Bradley’s work and immediately felt drawn to his dream-like landscapes. Worlds of fantasy and the supernatural with soft warm colors and dazzling splendor,  and yet his worlds pulse with mystery and strangeness. Noah’s art is simply put: phenomenal.

All I know about Noah is that he is talented, that he has worked for many of the big gaming companies, including publishing houses and film studios like Walt Disney Studios. Some of the more notable projects you’d recognize are Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Wizards of the Coast. Noah also founded Art Camp where he provides art tutorials to help aspiring artists.

Below is a small sampling of this artist’s magnificent oeuvre. Enjoy!

To learn more about Noah Bradley and his work, visit him here.

I’m working on Part 2 of “The Horned Demon and the Magic Sword” and should have it up sometime over the weekend, at the latest Sunday.

Until then or until I find something to say, enjoy the rest of your week.


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