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The Seals of Abgal (A Guardians of the Seals Tale)

Seals SmallThere are a great number of fantasy novels on the market these days that have a good, even compelling story, but they suffer from pedestrian prose. Not so The Seals of Abgal. Not only does Dietrich tell a suspenseful story that’s different from most urban fantasy, he’s an accomplished stylist. His prose flows smoothly, carrying the reader along.” ~ Amazing Stories Magazine

Bookstore owner and novice antiquarian, Sebastian Kaine is proud of his new profession and even prouder still of the collection of antique books on the occult that he keeps locked away in the basement of his bookstore.

But his little utopia is shattered one night when he wakes up in that same basement, bound and bloodied, and his prized collection all but destroyed.

Making matters worse are the two strange men responsible for the carnage. They want The Seals of Abgal and insist Sebastian is in possession of it.

As he tries to stay alive, Sebastian discovers The Seals of Abgal is far more than just an ordinary grimoire for it holds powerful secrets. Secrets that are older than time itself, and these men searching for it are no ordinary thugs.

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 Bullies and Soggy Soup Bones

This is a tale about a boy and his dog, about bullies and soggy soup bones, and about finding courage in the unlikeliest of places.

I remember the fear that goes with being bullied. A palpable fear that is both pervasive and unrelenting, even when you do stand up for yourself. This is a story about finding courage despite that fear.

In writing this story I tried to capture that emotional turmoil honestly without glamorizing it or making it sound easy. I hope I succeeded in doing so.

The story is fit for all ages.

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 These Broken Worlds


Kōsa Press proudly presents: These Broken Worlds. Featuring stories by Woelf Dietrich, Pavarti K. Tyler, Jessica West, and M. J. Kelley, depicting a shared universe where humans aren’t alone.

Their home world is gone, their planet cut from existence. They traveled eons searching for a new home. But their new home, Earth, was already taken. From quiet stories of longing and love to tales of tragic nuclear war and brutal inter-species conflict, these narratives portray sometimes startling snapshots of a new universe with an intensity that only flash fiction can convey. Each author’s unique stories enrich the shared, singular vision of a science fiction saga that is just beginning.

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Interspecies, Volume 1, The Inlari Sagas

Interspecies - small“These are generally hard-hitting stories about a grim future world. . . . I found the exploration mind-stretching…”

—Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Xanth Series

“Interspecies is a solid science fiction anthology that provides entertaining reading for a thinking person and sets a high bar. . . . These are writers to watch.”

—Keith West, Adventure Fantastic and Futures Past and Present

Includes a Foreword by Samuel Peralta, Amazon bestselling author, and creator/driving force behind the Future Chronicles series, whose own work has been recognized in Best American Science Fiction.

Fifty years after first contact with the inlari, war ravaged the Earth, leaving New Zealand and Australia the victors and survivors, but at a devastating cost. As human and inlari factions compete against each other in the struggle for power and resources, some seek zealotry and dominance. Others strive for peace and unity—and with them, hope still lives.

Four stories of transformation, survival, and the eternal search for meaning and purpose in a chaotic and turbulent world. Can inlari and humans alike bridge the gap created by their prejudices? Or will one species forever rule the other?

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ebook-cover-ship-finalLong ago, the aliens known as the inlari lost their home world in a devastating attack. They traveled for eons searching for a habitable planet. But their new home, Earth, was already taken. At first, the inlari and humans brokered deals bringing Earth into a new golden age of collaboration. That golden age didn’t last long…

From hopeful stories of first contact and alien teamwork to tales of post-apocalyptic survival and brutal interspecies conflict, these narratives portray startling snapshots of peace and war with an intensity that only flash fiction can convey. Each author’s unique stories enrich the shared, singular vision of the Inlari Sagas.

This collection precedes the Interspecies Series—volumes of full-length stories from the Inlari Sagas—and presents 20 tales spanning the years of the inlari arrival on Earth, the golden era, the Great War that eventually followed, and the interspecies conflicts that still rattle the world in the aftermath.

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The Carrion Hunter and Other Tales from a Broken Earth

The Northern Hemisphere is a toxic wasteland ruined by war between man and alien. It seems impossible for anything to have survived there. Australia and New Zealand remain habitable. But there lies the crisis. 

Collected here are eight vignettes, snapshots of life on a dying earth, where humans and aliens co-exist carefully and with suspicion, and fragile alliances are forged only to shatter overnight.

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