#Writing Adventures: Neil Gaiman On Writing

A little while ago I wrote a post titled, "Stephen King on Writing the First Draft". It was an interesting post to write because it allowed me to compare my own experience with advice from King. Today I have a video from Gaiman where he talks about writing generally, but he also includes a section … Continue reading #Writing Adventures: Neil Gaiman On Writing

Stephen King’s Advice On Writing the First Draft

I found a lovely new writer's website the other day and it was by accident, as is always the case, because it featured an old article by Stephen King titled: “Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten Minutes”. The article is a bit dated with some of the advice maybe not wholly … Continue reading Stephen King’s Advice On Writing the First Draft

#Writing Adventures: Nathan Long Talks About His Writing Process

Staying with the Nathan Long theme this week, here he is talking about the evolution of a novel, from concept through to completion. Watching the video I remembered a post I did a while ago about how Michael Crichton used index-cards to built a story. Nathan's method is somewhat similar. Enjoy!

Pantsering in First Person

I found a very lovely article by Nathan Long on point of view. Nathan is a fantasy author mostly known for his Gotrek and Felix novels and The Blackhearts Trilogy, both of which are set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. From the article: Some of my favorite writers have worked best when they worked in first person – … Continue reading Pantsering in First Person

Hemingway’s Formula to Mastery of Writing

I'm a big Ernest Hemingway fan. I admire the man, his writing and his flaws. Though not perfect, he wrote perfectly. He created art in a way that was different to how other writers did and he made it look easy. But therein lies his genius. It took him years of following other masters and … Continue reading Hemingway’s Formula to Mastery of Writing

David Farland On Editing Your Novel

I get David Farland's Daily Kick in the Pants newsletter and it's always brimming with insightful and helpful tips on all facets of the writing life. You may recall a while back I blogged about David's son, Ben Wolverton, who suffered severe brain trauma in a tragic long-boarding accident. It's been over sixty days since the … Continue reading David Farland On Editing Your Novel