#Art of Fantasy 130: Alex Brock

My artist this week is yet another with a unique style, both in terms of composition and tone. Alex Brock hails from Tucson in the US and works as a freelance artist. His art explores the nature of dreams, imagination, and the personal connection he has with the world. Alex taps into the hidden, surrealistic beauty of moody atmospheres and shares the sensations of his personal experience in a visceral way through muted tones and texture. Alex has stated that his aim is to not only inspire other artists creatively but to also empower personal growth in others.

Alex is available for illustration work, including book covers, album artwork,  and private commissions. And if it’s spooky, now that would be even better.

Below is a small collection of his work. I think his art is fantastic. I hope you do, too.

If you want to know more about Alex or his work, just click here. It’s that simple. If you enjoyed today’s post, please share it wildly and uncontrollably.



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