#Art of Fantasy 131: Magdalena Radziej

Magdalena Radziej is a concept artist based in Warsaw in Poland and currently works at Flying Wild Hog game studio. She specializes in conceptualizing environments and possess a lively interest in matte painting and has recently contributed to the game Shadow Warrior 2.

Below is a small collection of her beautiful work. Enjoy!

If you want to see more of Magdalena’s work, go here.

As for me, as you’ve probably noticed #Art of Fantasy skipped a week without warning. I was caught up in a maelström of writing deadlines, work responsibilities, and some major life changes that I’m in the process of bringing into play. It’s been a crazy mad this side. So, my apologies to you for missing a week without notice. Future installments of this series might become sporadic as pressure increase this side, so fair warning.

That is all from me for this week, as far as I know. Have an awesome week!




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