#Art of Fantasy 128: Sam Carr

Apologies for my recent absence. For some reason Winter this year in New Zealand decided it wanted to take revenge on me for all those years I never got sick. I’ve been in a sorry state for over a month. It started with influenza and ended with a trachea infection. I went through two courses of antibiotics and a bunch of painkillers but I think I have it stumped now. My writing fell to the wayside, as a result, as did my regular posts on here, but I am confident that I’m back. Or rather,  I feel like I’m back but I’m still suspicious of this bloody Winter.

Anyway, enough about me. This week I want to introduce you to Sam Carr. Sam’s art will take you back to old school fantasy. Nothing fancy. Nothing overboard. Just a classical approach imbued with wondrous subtilty. Sam is a freelance illustrator from the UK who loves to paint scenes of medieval romance with a touch of fantasy.  The tragic and spiritual elements of legends and myths of old inspire his art and you can see that influence. He has done work for many gaming companies and you’ll recognize the usual suspects like Applibot, Alderac Entertainment Group, Bandai, Cryptozoic Entertainment, DeNA Games, GameCo, Hasbro, Mobage, Volta, and Wizards of the Coast.

Below you’ll find a small sampling of Sam’s great art. Sit back and feast your eyes.

If you want to know more about Sam and his work, click here. If you enjoyed today’s post, please share it wildly.




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