#Art of Fantasy 127: Zezhou Chen

I'm still battling the flu but I'm getting there. Apparently, New Zealand has been hit with a vicious strain and a lot of people, from what I can tell, had to go on another course of antibiotics. I haven't done so myself yet and don't think I will. I have done the one course and … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 127: Zezhou Chen

Armistice: A Surprise

I'm happy to announce that Armistice is pretty much here. Well, almost here. I thought it would happen this weekend but Monday is D-Day. Then it'll be available on Amazon for $3.99. This morning the book went out to Kōsa Press subscribers. As a way of showing my appreciation to you, my readers, might I … Continue reading Armistice: A Surprise

Interspecies: The Great and Awesome Cover Reveal

The minute we saw the cover we wanted to show the world. But we could not. It would’ve been too early. Interspecies was not ready yet. That was then. This month will see the birth of our kosalogy, what we call our shared-universe anthologies. We’ve nurtured our baby through setbacks and carried her over stumbling blocks. We kept … Continue reading Interspecies: The Great and Awesome Cover Reveal

Kōsa Press: The Magnificently Dark Piofoks

#Art of Fantasy is slightly delayed this week, but this time, it's intentional, and when I say delayed I mean by mere hours, a day at the most. And the reason? We are showcasing our cover artist for "Interspecies" over on Kōsa Press today and the excitement is eating us up. Seriously, it feels like I have … Continue reading Kōsa Press: The Magnificently Dark Piofoks