Kōsa Press: The Magnificently Dark Piofoks

be_prepared_by_piofoks-d9n20yq#Art of Fantasy is slightly delayed this week, but this time, it’s intentional, and when I say delayed I mean by mere hours, a day at the most.

And the reason?

We are showcasing our cover artist for “Interspecies” over on Kōsa Press today and the excitement is eating us up. Seriously, it feels like I have fleas on my skin biting me and the more I scratch the more the bite marks itch and the only way to alleviate that discomfort is to show you our artist’s work.


You do know we are doing all of this to impress you, right?

So, go take a gander at what is in store for “Interspecies” in the nearby future. Visit Kōsa Press here and enjoy the art of the magnificently dark Piofoks and let us know what you think in the comments. Please!



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