Interspecies: The Great and Awesome Cover Reveal

The minute we saw the cover we wanted to show the world. But we could not. It would’ve been too early. Interspecies was not ready yet.

That was then. This month will see the birth of our kosalogy, what we call our shared-universe anthologies. We’ve nurtured our baby through setbacks and carried her over stumbling blocks. We kept her safe and fed her.  Stayed up with her at nights when nightmares pummelled her mercilessly. We shaped and polished her, sourced a professional word nurturer to ensure our child would survive once she leaves our hands, and even then, we felt hesitant. Scared. Was she ready?

And now the time has come to release our child, to let her loose into the wild yonder where we can no longer offer protection. We’ve given her a fine cover to hide her nakedness and shield her from the elements…

Finally, we can show you the stunning cover Piofoks painted for us. Take your time and allow the image below to filter through your eyeballs straight to your occipital lobe. Now let it lodge itself there permanently.


Check out my post over on Kosa Press for the plot description and release date and for news about the bestselling author, Samuel Peralta, who wrote our foreword.

Oh, and if you feel the need to share this to the world, by all means, I would not object. At all.



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