Saturday Sampler Venture Galleries: Interspecies

Interspecies HeaderA sampler from my story, Babylon’s Song, is over on Venture Galleries today. Here is a plot description of the anthology:

Fifty years after first contact with the inlari, war ravaged the Earth, leaving New Zealand and Australia the victors and survivors, but at a devastating cost. As human and inlari factions compete against each other in the struggle for power and resources, some seek zealotry and others strive for peace and unity—and with them, hope still lives.

Four stories of transformation, survival, and the eternal search for meaning and purpose in a chaotic and turbulent world. Can inlari and humans alike bridge the gap created by their prejudices? Or will one species forever rule the other?

Please go check out the sample at the link above. And, if it makes you excited as it does us, by all means, share as far and as wide as you can. It’ll make me smile from earlobe to earlobe.

Interspecies releases the end of this month, so this should serve as a nice way to wet your appetites. #‎sciencefiction




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