Beware: Weird Retweets of My Best Reviews

Something weird happened yesterday on Twitter. I woke up to dozens of retweets of my best reviews for Seals of Abgal. At first I got excited, I thought, “Awesome! At last I’m being discovered,” but alas, my excitement lasted less than one minute.

When I clicked on these retweets to see who my new admirers are I found this:

Tweeter 1

And this:

Tweeter 2

And this:

Tweeter 3

I mostly use my phone for Facebook and Twitter and when I saw the retweets I only saw a name with a tiny avatar, until I clicked on the name. The three examples above are only three accounts of over a dozen that retweeted my reviews, using different names.

And this is what the retweets look like:

Screenshot 1 of RTs

And another.

Screenshot 2 of RTs

I’ve only uploaded two screenshots, but there are many more of many more retweets. My reason for writing this post and sharing this with you is my concern that somehow existing and potential readers might associate my honest, hard-earned reviews with these guys and, possibly, assume that I received my reviews in the manner described above. I don’t know if they are legitimate, these guys, but given the number of retweets, I don’t know. It seems suspect to me. All the above accounts link to, but if you follow the link you get a 403 error page.

So, for the record, all my reviews are honest. I don’t have that many reviews given how long my book has been out, but they are from people who bought Seals, who actually read it, and really enjoyed the story, and who gave their honest opinion about their reading experience. I have one or two reviews that I received after submitting my book to reviewers, but I received  fair reviews in return, and said submission is stated in the review itself.

I believe in growing organically, and yes it’s slow, but it is solid and dependable. Besides, my ego demands honest admiration, not pretension or fake likes.

That’s all for today, folks. Have a grand day.


8 thoughts on “Beware: Weird Retweets of My Best Reviews

  1. Any kind of weird things happen on Twitter. At the moment, half of the new followers I get everyday are people who sell follows. I’ve leaned by now and I never follow back and after a few days they unfollow me.

    I think we just need to smart up about these kind of things and be watchful, and yes, talk about it, so that new users learn it. I learn about spam on Twitter by a kind person who adviced me not to follow back some kind of profiles, We all need to learn the ropes.

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