New Feature: Wallpaper Wednesday (Working Title)

This is a strange post. I posted to Facebook earlier today on impulse a screenshot of my latest wallpaper titled, "Today’s wallpaper. Because I get bored easily". Here it is: I have dozens of folders with hundreds of wallpapers ranging from abstract to retro to fantasy. I haven't changed my desktop's for a while, but … Continue reading New Feature: Wallpaper Wednesday (Working Title)

My New Writing Instrument and a Wandering Muse Visits

You've probably noticed my posts have become less frequent this last week or so. You see, the thing is,  I've run into some devastating computer troubles. My old Vista-ripped-out-and-replaced-by-Ubuntu HP laptop died a couple of weeks ago, which was fine because I rarely used it (I've explained why in an earlier post). I predominately write, read … Continue reading My New Writing Instrument and a Wandering Muse Visits

#Art of Fantasy 7: Boris Vallejo

Something different today. Or maybe not so different. I first saw Boris Vallejo's art on the covers of my Tarzan books. I was in my early teens, I think--maybe younger, and those covers sold the books for me. I loved the smooth, clean lines Valejo used in his action scenes. He made it look so … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 7: Boris Vallejo

Musings on the Nature of a Muse

I have something out of left field for you today. A satirical look at acceptance and rejection and the whimsical muse whose attention you can never hold long enough before she wanders off to her next lover. I’m reblogging an article from Prose Before Ho Hos called The Manly Art of Acceptance and Rejection, written by author Jessica West, because it’s … Continue reading Musings on the Nature of a Muse

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I've been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Fia Essen. I feel truly honored and I thank her. Unfortunately, my workload is rather heavy at the moment with various deadlines looming and I won't be able to participate in any meaningful way. As such, it would be unfair of me to accept the … Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger Award

#Art of Fantasy 6: Adrian Smith

I do not know much about Adrian Smith. I only recently discovered his work after realizing that I've been seeing his art for a number of years without knowing that it was his. It's a mistake I have now remedied. His style is raw and savage and given that he has done numerous illustrations for Games Workshop, it is … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 6: Adrian Smith