Forget genres. The story is king. – Venture Galleries

It's been a harrowing week. That is partly why I only blogged once. I'm busy with a story for an anthology and the deadline is looming and life, as always, is doing its level best to interfere with that. In any case, I've been quoted in an article on Venture Galleries where I give my opinion … Continue reading Forget genres. The story is king. – Venture Galleries

Writing Moments

That part when you write your first draft and it feels rough and bumpy and not quite right, and then somewhere something clicks and you smile because you feel it and your fingers feel it and they don't want to stop because you've found your rhythm and the words are there, available to you, flowing … Continue reading Writing Moments

7 Revolutionary Authors Who Decided to Self-Publish | Wise Ink’s Blog for Indie Authors about Self-Publishing

I'm reblogging this from Wise Ink's Blog. They usually publish awesome and practical advice on writing, plus they tend to inspire the living adverbs out of a writer. Today is no exception. The article deals with influential authors who initially self-published. I'm reblogging it because I never knew Hemingway published his first book himself and … Continue reading 7 Revolutionary Authors Who Decided to Self-Publish | Wise Ink’s Blog for Indie Authors about Self-Publishing

#Art of Fantasy 3

I told Jessica West I'd go dark with the next installment of #Art of Fantasy, but then I discovered Irish artist, Jim Fitzpatrick. As Irish lore is a fundamental part of the fabric of The Morrigan I thought it a good idea to showcase some of this artist's work. You'll find his style as unique … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 3

#Writing Adventures: Nathan Long Talks About His Writing Process

Staying with the Nathan Long theme this week, here he is talking about the evolution of a novel, from concept through to completion. Watching the video I remembered a post I did a while ago about how Michael Crichton used index-cards to built a story. Nathan's method is somewhat similar. Enjoy!

Pantsering in First Person

I found a very lovely article by Nathan Long on point of view. Nathan is a fantasy author mostly known for his Gotrek and Felix novels and The Blackhearts Trilogy, both of which are set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. From the article: Some of my favorite writers have worked best when they worked in first person – … Continue reading Pantsering in First Person

#Art of Fantasy 2

Phew! Can't believe it's Monday again. In New Zealand it is, anyway. And time for another #Art of Fantasy post. Today I'm featuring the art of Kazumasa Uchio. I tried to find more information about the artist, but everything is in Japanese. I did discover a few more places for you to view his work, like … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 2