#Art of Fantasy 3

I told Jessica West I’d go dark with the next installment of #Art of Fantasy, but then I discovered Irish artist, Jim Fitzpatrick. As Irish lore is a fundamental part of the fabric of The Morrigan I thought it a good idea to showcase some of this artist’s work. You’ll find his style as unique as his subject matter.

Nuada the High King

He was the first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann. I wrote about them here. From the artist’s website: “Nuada Airgedlámh (Nuada of the Silver Arm) was king of the tribe known as the Tuatha Dé Danann who invaded Éireann (Ireland) in earliest times. In the First Battle of MoyTura, Nuada, while victorious, lost his right arm in this battle while in the second battle he lost his life. In his keeping was Cliamh Solais –the Sword of Fire, which, once unsheathed, was so powerful that no enemy could stand before it.”

Nuada Silverarm

Conann of the Fianna

From the artist’s own description: “Conann was the son of Morna, the slayer of Cumhaill, the father of Fionn, leader of the Fianna; on Fionn’s assumption of the leadership of the Fianna, Conann became one of his closest advisers and allies –while also becoming notorious as a great boaster and charmer. His wild warrior exploits became the stuff of huge admiration and sometimes gross hilarity.

Breas the Beautiful

From the artist: “The son of a Fomorian but reared amongst his mother’s race, the Tuatha Dé, Breas the Beautiful was one of the greatest champions of the Tuatha Dé Danann and was a powerful battle commander at the First Battle of Moytura. After that decisive battle he replaced Nuada as king, after Nuada lost his arm in combat

I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment. Next week I’ll go dark. I promise.


8 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 3

  1. Being that I’m a quarter Irish I appreciated this. Although if we were going for realism they’d be holding pints of beer or bottles of whiskey instead of swords. I suppose that’s why they call it fantasy. I’m looking forward to next time when you venture to the dark side. *takes deep Darth Vaderish breath*

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