The Collective: Wifelier Docht

Log-entry-graphic-500Today I want to introduce you to my alter ego, Wifelier Docht, over at The Collective. Last week I mentioned The Collective and my involvement in the  project. I briefly explained the premise, including  the concept of tethered slave-scribes recording history for a celestial entity known only as the God-Machine. The series is based on a shared world where a godlike entity goes rogue by rewriting history as a hotchpotch of fairy tales and historical events.

The project includes blog posts from the authors involved, each writing as a tethered scribe. Thus, each week one of the ‘scribes’ will produce a log entry about his or her life as a tethered slave. These logs will appear weekly until the release of the planned series of books.

I am reimagining the legend of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, only the setting is the far distant future and the location is a remote planet.

Here is an excerpt from Wifelier’s log:

I am Wifelier Docht. I have been scribe and servant to the God-Machine for well over 300 years. I feed it data and in return the God-Machine creates life. My sole purpose is to collect and record the histories of these newly birthed creations.

This is my first entry in a secret journal I am keeping hidden from my master. I’m scribbling these words on a piece of parchment that had been rejected as impure, and instead of it becoming waste to be expelled, it now serves as my private log.

Not an easy feat if you consider I am tethered permanently to the most powerful being in the universe. My veins pulse with Embrosis, the bio-organic material that aids the transfer of neurons from my celestial host to me, through the tethered-line connected to the back of my head. I have not aged in the 300 years I’ve been bonded to this entity, this thing that is part flesh, part machine.

My complexion and body have changed dramatically. I have lost all my hair. My face has become shallow and gaunt. The folds of my skin, between my fingers and around my eyes, in my neck and in the folds of my arms and legs, are all stained tyrian purple from the Embrosis administered to me on a daily basis, which now permanently courses through my over-used veins.

You can read the rest of the log entry here.

Our website is not yet 100% operational, but we are almost there. I’m so excited I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to share. You’ll find that apart from Wifelier’s log there are already three other entries. Check it out.  Let me know what you think of the premise and story idea. What you think of the logs. I really hope you guys come along for the ride.


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