#Art of Fantasy 20: Yoann Lossel

tumblr_np98iqJqX21qezj1no1_1280I have something different for you today. I don’t know Yoann Lossel, but I did mention previously I wanted to feature young and up-and-coming artists. I discovered this artist by chance while browsing my Tumblr feed. All I know is he is French and a professional artist. What drew me to his work is the gold leaf elements interwoven with monochrome images. I’m sure you’ll agree, he is massively talented.

Yoann uses graphite, Gold leaf and hydrangea petals, or ink stains with blackouts, to render his paintings, and because of the contrasting effect created by using such diverse mediums the resulting image is both classic and ancient, yet mystical and magical.

If you click on the images below it will take you to the artist’s Deviant Art gallery.






One of the reasons I’m hosting Yoann’s work is because of the mythical element that links each of the paintings above. Mythology, in my opinion, is the root of fantasy and that is enough to make these images appropriate for my #Art of Fantasy series. Also, one of the paintings above is yet another rendition of the Morrigan, which I thought was a nice touch.

And yes, I have a weakness for the gold leaf elements.



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