Bullies and Seals Discounted!

THE SEAL OF ABGAL Smaller VersionIt is normally chaotic in the mornings here, but this morning progressed into a completely alternate reality. My daughter had a friend sleep over because, you know, it was her birthday yesterday, and Vanesse had to prepare for her trip to Europe, so this morning felt like a star going supernova.

Why you ask?

My wife is, as I’m writing this post, on a plane on her way to Zeist in the Netherlands. She’ll be away until the end of June on business.

And I am terribly surly at the moment.

We’ve been married for ten years, almost eleven. In fact, when I asked her to marry me we barely knew each other a month. We got married nine months after that. She is my best friend.

The longest we’ve been apart was two weeks and that only happened twice.Bullies and Soggy Soup Bones - Smallest

Her being gone feels weird. It will be rough on her and the kids being separated like this for so long. I’m not looking forward to June much.

There is a slight silver lining. I’ll have more time in the evenings to lose myself in my writing and get things done. Being involved in both Kōsa Press and The Collective is keeping me busy as hell. And I’m not complaining at all.

So, because of my low mood I discounted The Seals of Abgal and Bullies and Soggy Soup Bones (Bullies from $1.99 to $1.00 and Seals from $3.99 to $1.99). It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions. I mean, why not? I’ll probably leave it like this until my wife returns and then it’s back to normal pricing.

Plus it gives me an excuse to write a post while I prepare and collate Monday’s #Art of Fantasy. I’ll also write another post on my projects and update you on the latest developments. Things are moving fast. If all goes well I will release five stories this year. Hey, under normal circumstances I would’ve jumped for joy.

Anyways, If you haven’t bought a copy of either Bullies or Seals, go try them. I’m told they are both entertaining tales. If you doubt me, this is what Amazing Stories Magazine say about Seals:

There are a great number of fantasy novels on the market these days that have a good, even compelling story, but they suffer from pedestrian prose. Not so The Seals of Abgal. Not only does Dietrich tell a suspenseful story that’s different from most urban fantasy, he’s an accomplished stylist. His prose flows smoothly, carrying the reader along.”

So go forth and enjoy!


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