Obscure Tales: The Horned Demon and the Magic Sword (Part 1)

This is an old tale and like many old tales, it has many versions, and so I chose the version that made the most sense to me while also relying on a bit of artistic license in the process. You see, in days long gone, scribes and monks and those burdened with recording history applied … Continue reading Obscure Tales: The Horned Demon and the Magic Sword (Part 1)

#Art of Fantasy 102: Veronika Kozlova

Veronika Kozlova is from Oryol, Russia and that is as much as I know of her background. And trust me, as with all the artists I feature here, I do my research. The whole point is to give exposure to artists and their work and make their names known to more people. Unfortunately, with Veronika, … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 102: Veronika Kozlova

Bullies and Seals Discounted!

It is normally chaotic in the mornings here, but this morning progressed into a completely alternate reality. My daughter had a friend sleep over because, you know, it was her birthday yesterday, and Vanesse had to prepare for her trip to Europe, so this morning felt like a star going supernova. Why you ask? My wife is, as … Continue reading Bullies and Seals Discounted!

I’ve Been Summoned

Early last week I received a tweet from Jessica West summoning me to a Blog Hop aptly titled, “I’ve Been Summoned”, which, as a consequence of being so tagged, resulted in today’s post. The summons entails me answering a few questions and then tagging the next hapless victim or two. I thought perhaps I could … Continue reading I’ve Been Summoned

The Seals of Abgal is Available in Paperback!

It is done. The color issues have been sorted and The Seals of Abgal is now available in paperback. It looks stunning. It really does, and it's not me being an arrogant twit. Fena Lee did a phenomenal job. I'm going to stick with this style for the series. It makes sense to do so, … Continue reading The Seals of Abgal is Available in Paperback!