The Seals of Abgal is Available in Paperback!

It is done. The color issues have been sorted and The Seals of Abgal is now available in paperback. It looks stunning. It really does, and it’s not me being an arrogant twit. Fena Lee did a phenomenal job. I’m going to stick with this style for the series. It makes sense to do so, but that’s all I’m going to say at this stage. For now, let’s just feast our eyes on the back cover. Man, it looks fantastic! My exhilaration, I think, stems from my deep-rooted love for books, and holding a physical book in your hands–especially one that you’ve created–is euphoric. But it’s also humbling. You don’t want the contents to fall short of the cover. You want the story to do justice to the cover, just as you want the cover to do justice to the story. Each one feeds on the other. I’m hoping for a successful balance.


I haven’t done this before, so here is an excerpt from Seals to celebrate its release in paperback. I’ve made it short. No sense in revealing too much:

“‘You do take me for a fool, don’t you, Mr Kaine?!’ he said, ripping off his gloves. His long fingers were abnormally bony, with the finger joints slightly oversized. It could have been a skeleton’s hand if not for the pasty skin stretched tight over them. I then understood why he wore gloves. The ends of his fingers where the nails were supposed to be were sharpened like wooden stakes. You couldn’t distinguish between finger and nail and they were black, like they were dipped in hot tar and left to dry.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair, the points of his fingers splitting my scalp in the process, and forced my head back while clamping his other hand around my throat. Seir then lifted me off the ground, pulling me to him, until his lips, now twisted into a snarl, were next to my ears.

‘My patience is not infinite, Mr Kaine.’ He said it softly, almost hissing it. His stench felt viscous as it forced its way through the pain, registering its awfulness in my brain. It was too much and I puked.”

You can read a longer excerpt on Amazon, using the “look inside” function. Before I forget, I have added a link to the sidebar linking to my new Facebook Author Page. You are more than welcome to “like” it, if you want. I won’t mind, I promise. I’ve also created a mailing list that you can subscribe to if you want to hear about upcoming releases. It’s also on the sidebar, almost directly under my Facebook link. The mailing list is private and for my eyes only, and will only be used for the purpose it was created.

And that’s all for now, folks. Have a great day, or night, wherever this post may find you.

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