#Art of Fantasy 20: Yoann Lossel

I have something different for you today. I don't know Yoann Lossel, but I did mention previously I wanted to feature young and up-and-coming artists. I discovered this artist by chance while browsing my Tumblr feed. All I know is he is French and a professional artist. What drew me to his work is the … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 20: Yoann Lossel

The Collective: Wifelier Docht

Today I want to introduce you to my alter ego, Wifelier Docht, over at The Collective. Last week I mentioned The Collective and my involvement in the  project. I briefly explained the premise, including  the concept of tethered slave-scribes recording history for a celestial entity known only as the God-Machine. The series is based on a … Continue reading The Collective: Wifelier Docht