#Art of Fantasy 19: Jeffrey Catherine Jones

18lr8vttp7bnfjpgFrank Frazetta once called Jeffrey Catherine Jones “the greatest living painter”. Jones, who achieved fame simply as Jeff Jones, was an American artist who created over a hundred iconic book covers during the 70s. She was also a particularly talented Fine Art artist as you’ll see when you follow the links.

Jones is one of those artists whom I knew not much of, apart from a cursory awareness, and yet her art spoke more about her as person than I could ever read in words. I’ll admit that on occasion I have mistaken some of her covers as Frazetta’s, but then, they do have a similar style and tone.

From Wikipedia: “Jones inspired a whole generation of artists to reach for something more vivid and thrilling in their fantasy and comics artwork. Jones was also one of the most successful transgender artists in comics and fantasy art — she told Sequential Tart in 2004, “Men – and I used to be one – can’t draw any better than women.” There’s a documentary about her from former Vertigo Comics art director Maria Cabardo.”

As always, below you’ll find a few choice pieces and if you click on an image it will take you to the website where I found that image.

jones 4_o











I obviously prefer fantasy art with muted colors and gritty textures. It is a rather effective and magical combination because it conveys a particular tone that not only exudes a grimness, but also mystery. Jones, like Frazetta, was effective in capturing this magic, but where Frazetta displayed a savageness, Jones’ work captured a kind of stifled romanticism.

Sadly, Jones passed away in 2011. You can read more about her life and work here. It’s a lovely article.




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