#Art of Fantasy 24: Pascal Blanche

I'm venturing into science fiction territory with today's showcase. Although I prefer fantasy generally and given that I created #Art of Fantasy for, well, fantasy,  when I saw Pascal Blanche's work I instantly knew I wanted to show you. Pascal is a 3D French artist, and I may not be fond of 3D art, but … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 24: Pascal Blanche

Review of Dana Leipold’s Burnt Edges

I had the good fortune of critiquing Burnt Edges by Dana Leipold during a writer’s workshop and then later received a copy to review. People who know me know I don’t write reviews for stories I don’t like. I’m just not a professional reviewer. A story needs to move me to get me to write … Continue reading Review of Dana Leipold’s Burnt Edges

#Art of Fantasy 23: Marat Ars

I am somewhat late with Monday's #Art of Fantasy post, and I'm sorry, but I have reasons. I've been tag-teamed by both Bronchitis and Laryngitis and have battled these asshole viruses for over two weeks now. And last week they got in a sucker punch which threw me solidly on my back. The good news … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 23: Marat Ars

Kōsa Press Presents: These Broken Worlds Cover Reveal

Oh, man, I'm excited. Today I'm revealing the cover for a mini-kosalogy Kōsa Press is releasing in middle July. It's called "These Broken Worlds" and serves as a precursor to "Interspecies", the anthology (or Kosalogy) that Kōsa Press is publishing closer to the end of the year. The idea behind the mini-kosalogy stems from our … Continue reading Kōsa Press Presents: These Broken Worlds Cover Reveal

#Art of Fantasy 22: Anton Kokarev

There is no shortage of talented artists on the internet, so when I search for candidates for my #Art of Fantasy posts I choose those that bring more to the table than mere talent. I look for a style, like a writer's voice, that speaks to my soul, or at the very least makes me … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 22: Anton Kokarev

Writers Unite Podcast: Episode 1 – The Importance of a Writer’s Group

Today is a day for announcements it seems. M.J. Kelley, founder and publisher of Kōsa Press and creator of the Virtual Writer Workshop, is guest author on the Writers Unite Podcast. If you're a writer I'd suggest you go listen to the podcast. M.J. talks more about the workshop, about how critique groups can improve a writer, what … Continue reading Writers Unite Podcast: Episode 1 – The Importance of a Writer’s Group