#Art of Fantasy 23: Marat Ars

8d320f8dd0227346ae303f66f6dbe0d8b94be375I am somewhat late with Monday’s #Art of Fantasy post, and I’m sorry, but I have reasons. I’ve been tag-teamed by both Bronchitis and Laryngitis and have battled these asshole viruses for over two weeks now. And last week they got in a sucker punch which threw me solidly on my back. The good news is I’m getting better. I’m still in bed, but at least I’m able to crack open my laptop and do some work, including the latest post on awesome fantasy art.

Today I’m introducing Marat Ars and he is a phenomenally talented artist. Marat hails from Russia and specialises in 2D/3D art and has done work for Applibot, NetEase, and Universal Studios.

Below are a few choice pieces linked to the artist’s gallery.












Of course I did not plan to feature only Russian artists, which seems the case at the moment, but I also do not have a structured approach to finding candidates for my #Art of Fantasy posts. If a piece of art catches my eye and press some buttons, then I select it. That is it.

Clearly Russia has super talented artists to offer and just the journey of discovering them is alone an adventure I enjoy tremendously.



4 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 23: Marat Ars

  1. Another awsome artist… although this one is less in my chords then the last couple you presented.

    I was just thinking that Russia is producing some very good arstists. Many dieselpunk artists also come from there (but then, looks like dieselpunk is quite popular in Russia, possibly more then it is elsewhere).

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Like you, I have my favourites. Some I like more than others. I like to think that the artists I have on here offer something special. They might not be to everyone’s taste, but there is no denying their talent.

    I dont know whether dieselpunk is popular in Russia, but it would seem so. I’ll tell you this though, the talent coming from that part of the wold is staggering.


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