#Art of Fantasy 30: Ruan Jia

93fec87296f21409b6f705da8047c48283f12eb7Ruan Jia is of Chinese origin and lives in the Unites States where he works as a senior concept artist for 343 Industries, creating sci-fi concepts for Halo 5. Before that, he worked for game companies like ArenaNet and Volta.

I love Ruan’s use of color and light. It exudes a pureness that is almost too good, too fragile for this reality. You experience a sense that his work belongs in some other world where innocence and light endure, untarnished, uncorrupted. Ruan’s talent is such that I find myself fixated on his paintings. Choosing today’s selection was hard because I found so many new things each time I circled back to select an image for inclusion.

Below you’ll find my humble attempt at balance. I think I failed for there are just too many awesome works to contain in one blog post. Remember, each image is linked to the gallery where I found that image. Enjoy!













ea89f8a0c8cc2a6edb87936a1fd06c8f1ed34295And there you have today’s artist. Yes, his talent is amazing. You’re welcome. Remember to jump over to Kōsa Press’ blog where I have my second Art of Science Fiction post up. See you there!


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