The Mercy Giver is on Inkshares

Mercy Giver CoverI’m experimenting.

I never planned to do this, but last night I followed a link on an article which took me to Inkshares, and after exploring the website for a little while I decided to take the plunge.

Their setup is really awesome. You submit a proposal for a story and the first chapter or whatever you’ve written so far, and if you get a certain amount of preorders, Inkshares will publish your book with editing and cover support, which is not a bad deal. I even like their royalty structure, which is 50% for the print version and 70% for the e-book.

From the Inskshares website:

Our process is simple: authors pitch, readers pre-order, and we publish. Any author can submit a proposal for a book. Once the project goes live, readers support the project by pre-ordering copies of the book. Readers are charged only when books hit their goal. Once the pre-order threshold is hit, we start publishing: we assign authors an editor, a designer, and we handle all aspects of printing, distribution, and marketing once the manuscript is finished.

So, I submitted the first chapter for The Mercy Giver. If enough people support it, Inkshares will produce and publish the story. Please check it out if you have a chance. Like it if you find that you do. Share it if you want to. (Preorder it if you feel like it. *Hint* *Hint*) Whatever you can do, trust me, I’ll appreciate the heck out of it.

If this goes well, I might consider submitting The Dead God and even The Spirit Bow. Oh, and don’t mind the current cover for The Mercy Giver. It’s only a placeholder I put together until a proper one can be created.

If you click this link it will take you to my Inkshares page where you’ll find my first chapter and humble proposal.


7 thoughts on “The Mercy Giver is on Inkshares

  1. Hey, this is like a Kickstarter especially created for writers 🙂
    I like the idea, I just find that getting support is so hard. I’m helping with a Kickstarter project for my company and promoting it and getting support is such a headache.

    How is your project going?
    I’m heading to your page now 🙂


    1. Thanks! Well, I’ve received 3 pre-orders as of today and I have 89 days left to get 750 for the ebook to get the go ahead, so I’m not complaining. I only started this two days ago.

      Paste the link to your Kickstarter below and I’ll share it. I didn’t know you had a Kickstarter project going.


      1. I’ve just shared another writer’s Thunderclap page, but I’ve never created a campaign before. This thing with Inkshares is the closest I’ve ever come. From their statistics it seem Facebook and email are the most powerful tools for campaigning. I’ll go look for that page and paste the link.

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