Goodbye 2015, Come here 2016!

I'm looking over my shoulder at 2015 and I'm shaking my head in bemusement. Damn, it was a difficult year. It promised a lot of things but either failed to deliver or under delivered. But there were surprises too. And new promises. Lots of new promises. Kōsa Press brought out its first anthology These Broken Worlds … Continue reading Goodbye 2015, Come here 2016!

The Mercy Giver is on Inkshares

I'm experimenting. I never planned to do this, but last night I followed a link on an article which took me to Inkshares, and after exploring the website for a little while I decided to take the plunge. Their setup is really awesome. You submit a proposal for a story and the first chapter or … Continue reading The Mercy Giver is on Inkshares