#Art of Fantasy 29: Björn Hurri

10577175_567879906649440_5845377530096244959_nBjorn Hurri is a well-respected concept artist who has done work for NCsoft, Catalyst Game Labs, and SEGA, and is currently the lead artist at Opus Artz. He was born in Sweden but now lives in London.

I love his work, obviously. That is why Hurri is today’s featured artist. The detail in his paintings is not so different from other artists I have had on here, but there is a vitality that draws me. The angles of the scenes and color choices contribute to an overall effect of action and motion. Hurri’s paintings are dynamic and visceral and I quite understand why he is so popular.

Below, as usual, are a few choice samples of the artist’s work. If you click on an image it will take you to the source of origin.








Kritter_FinalHope you enjoyed today’s contribution. As I mentioned last week, this week sees the start of my new series, “Art of Science Fiction” over at Kōsa Press. If you click here it will take you to the inaugural post. My first featured artist is John Harris. Yes, that John Harris.




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