These Broken Worlds – A Featured Work on SpecFicNZ’s Blog

spnz_header_green03My article on the release of These Broken Worlds is featured on SpecFicNZ’s blog today. I’m a member of the association and it’s good to have word of Kōsa Press’s first publication make the rounds here in New Zealand.

A little more about SpecFicNZ: It’s an association for creators, writers and editors of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy and horror) in or from New Zealand.

The organisation was founded in March 2009 to foster a community focused on the promotion and proliferation of all aspects of the speculative fiction genre in the country.

SpecFicNZ officially launched in August 2010 at Au Contraire, New Zealand’s 31st National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Wellington, New Zealand.

You can read the featured article on the association’s blog here.



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