#Art of Fantasy 25: Viktor Titov

Viktor Titov is a concept artist and illustrator based in Voronezh, Russia. He is co-founder of Grafit Studio, an outsourcing company specialising in concept art, illustrations and marketing-advertising products. Viktor uses mostly digital paint as medium and there is a classic, almost fine art style to his work. Adding fantasy as subject matter, his paintings are … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 25: Viktor Titov

The Collective #SciFi: Log Entries

The scribes over at The Collective have not sat still, not that they have any choice. By their very nature, they are obligated to write and so they have. Below are the latest log entries from five more scribes. The Journal of Yempick Mingal "I tried to remember something today. A simple thing. A memory … Continue reading The Collective #SciFi: Log Entries