#Art of Fantasy 112: Mariusz Kozik

Technically not fantasy but today's artist is so talented and his art so photorealistic, I felt like I had to share.  Mariusz Kozik lives in Lublin, Poland and works as a freelance artist and illustrator. He is classically trained and his work shows it. His art has been exhibited widely in Poland and he has … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 112: Mariusz Kozik

#Art of Fantasy 29: Björn Hurri

Bjorn Hurri is a well-respected concept artist who has done work for NCsoft, Catalyst Game Labs, and SEGA, and is currently the lead artist at Opus Artz. He was born in Sweden but now lives in London. I love his work, obviously. That is why Hurri is today's featured artist. The detail in his paintings is … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 29: Björn Hurri