#Art of Fantasy 112: Mariusz Kozik

Technically not fantasy but today’s artist is so talented and his art so photorealistic, I felt like I had to share.  Mariusz Kozik lives in Lublin, Poland and works as a freelance artist and illustrator. He is classically trained and his work shows it. His art has been exhibited widely in Poland and he has worked for a number of popular brands, including SEGA, Creative Assembly, Wargamer, The Lordz Games Studio, and Osprey Publishing.

I have collected some of his paintings below for your enjoyment. Check them out.

Mariusz’s fascination with military history began at a young age and you see that passion in his art. Mariusz created the cover artwork for the first six books in the Raid series from Osprey Publishing.

I have a secret wish to write historical fiction. I mentioned that I wanted to write a book about the Maccabees in this post. I don’t know if that will ever happen. Maybe after I have finished my current batch of projects. Maybe Fate will smile upon me and allow me the financial freedom to write full-time so that I can attempt projects like that. One can but dream and I do but I’ll also keep writing for the more you write the luckier you get. Or so they say.

Chat to you later in the week.


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