#Art of Fantasy 51: Bluefooted (Erin Kelso)

eowyn_and_the_nazgul_by_bluefooted-d49qkdxAmerican artist Erin Kelso, aka Bluefooted, calls herself a poor student and non-professional artist on her Deviant Art profile. And yet, while researching this wonderfully mysterious artist, I found mentioned in two other articles that she has a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and a Master’s in Zoology.

I get the feeling she is one of those brilliant people whose brain needs constant feeding, and even then, she still found another channel through art to express herself and explore the unseen world. This is both fantastic and impressive. Erin is  a phenomenal artist, and if it’s still true from her Deviant profile, then she accepts commissions.

See below a small sampling of her work. Each image links back to where I found it. Enjoy!




Erin Kelso










I really love her work. And to think she is mostly self-taught and paints in her spare time. I see some Gustav Klimt influence here. Although I’m no art connoisseur, I do appreciate talent, and Klimt has been a longtime favorite of mine, mostly his line work and composition. I see those same influences in Erin’s work. Her squiggly yet strong lines and combination of muted and vivid colors really make her paintings stand out.

Another reason I’m attracted to her work is the classic fantasy theme that recurs in her paintings. Yep, old folklore tales of myth and magic. I write such tales and I read such tales, and I surely love art depicting such tales.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Oh, and before I forget, remember to check out my latest Art of Science Fiction post over on Kōsa Press. I’m showcasing some grim art there this week.




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