The Cobbler and the Dragon

#TheDeadGod There once lived a dragon named Smok in a cave deep inside a hill–or, if you prefer, a small mountain, although “a large hill” is probably closer to the truth–who found sustenance in sheep and virgins, and when there were no more virgins, peasants from a nearby village tasted just fine, though they lacked the richness and splendor of chaste flesh...

Help Me Unleash My Stories I've done a strange thing. I've been thinking for a while now of getting my own Patreon page, so two days ago I began compiling one, writing soberly about my intentions with the page, about my lack of time due to factors most of us struggle with, and my aim to complete all my … Continue reading Help Me Unleash My Stories

#Art of Fantasy 55: Josh Corpuz

Josh Corpuz is a freelance Artist and illustrator by trade. He worked as a freelancer for two years before joining Moving Reflection Productions. His clients include several established publishing and game companies such as Paizo, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Artistic Justice Games, Forged Chaos LLC, and Gunship Revolution. He graduated with a degree in BFA in … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 55: Josh Corpuz

Kōsa Press: The Magnificently Dark Piofoks

#Art of Fantasy is slightly delayed this week, but this time, it's intentional, and when I say delayed I mean by mere hours, a day at the most. And the reason? We are showcasing our cover artist for "Interspecies" over on Kōsa Press today and the excitement is eating us up. Seriously, it feels like I have … Continue reading Kōsa Press: The Magnificently Dark Piofoks

#Art of Fantasy 54: Benita Winckler

Today I have a somewhat different flavour of fantasy for you. Benita Winckler is a German artist and media designer who has worked for the entertainment industry since 2006. She specialises in matte painting, illustration, and concept art and her clients include BASF, Bertelsmann, Blanvalet, cbt, cbj, Coronzon Press, ImagineFX, Nasza Ksiegarnia, PIXOMONDO, Prószynski Media, … Continue reading #Art of Fantasy 54: Benita Winckler

Writers Write No Matter What

I'm in one of those moods today where I want to read about the masters and learn from them and see whether what I'm feeling inside is unique to me or just part of the process of writing fiction. We writers might fantasize about things, but when we write it's to share our fantasies with … Continue reading Writers Write No Matter What