#Art of Fantasy 50: Víctor A. Mínguez

Ghirapur-Gearcrafter-Publish-imageToday’s post is quite a milestone. Welcome to the 50th Art of Fantasy post. Who would have thought this series would keep going like this? I certainly did not. At first, it was meant to show you my eclectic taste in fantasy art and share the love, but then it evolved into something else. A way to  spread the word about these awesome artists.

And even then, it became something more for me. Somehow the series  connected with my own writing career, and maybe I thought that as long as I stay true to this series I would stay disciplined to my writing. I don’t know if this still holds true today, but my writing certainly hasn’t stopped and the series is still going strong, and to be honest,  I don’t foresee stopping anytime soon. Maybe one day deep into the future I will compile a coffee table book from all the art posts but that is so far into the future I’m not worried about it now.

To celebrate the 50th post of #Art of Fantasy,  I’d like to introduce you to a very special artist. His paintings will stay in your thoughts long after you’ve stepped away. Víctor A. Mínguez is a fantasy and sci-fi Illustrator from Mexico. He has painted covers for books and magazines and card games. His clients include Wizards of the Coast, FF Games, Blacksword Enterprises and many others. He is currently working on what he calls a “super awesome legendary secret project.

The images in this collection link back to the artist’s gallery. Enjoy!














Víctor’s textures are smooth and soft and I love the vibrancy in his color composition. His use of dynamic lighting creates a dreamy almost ethereal atmosphere and fits well with his style, especially with the celestial paintings.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to take a look at my latest Art of Science Fiction post over at Kōsa Press.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!




5 thoughts on “#Art of Fantasy 50: Víctor A. Mínguez

  1. Congratulations! Keeping something going on a blog is always a great achievement. And I’m so enjoying this series I’m, happy to hear you’re going to continue 😉

    This is quite an impressive artist. I like the way he uses colours, especially white. There’s something special about the way this artist uses white, on its own or combined with other colours. Really unique.


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